From Tradition to Transformation: Building the 21st Century Association to Thrive
A three-part "Power Learning Series" presented by Peach New Media, powered by Principled Innovation LLC

Series Description

What is it going to take for associations to thrive over the next decade and beyond?

This is the most fundamental question staff and voluntary leaders need to be asking today. The unprecedented strategic and operational challenges associations will confront over the next ten years demand a new mindset and a fresh perspective for solving complex problems. The emerging marketplace of the decade ahead does not favor the success of associations in their current form, but creates exciting new value creation opportunities for organizations willing to learn and adapt to the profound and irrevocable shifts already unfolding before our eyes.

This three-part "Power Learning Series" - led by Jeff De Cagna, the association community's leading voice for innovation - will inspire participants to confront a new set of strategic realities and think imaginatively about what it will take for their associations to thrive in a volatile and uncertain time. Leveraging the power of "flip thinking," this series is nothing like a typical webinar. It is a deep learning opportunity, designed to raise critical questions, challenge long-standing assumptions and offer new insights and ideas that you can apply to your association.

Jeff talks about the Power Learning Series content.
Weekly Topics with Key Questions

    Week 1:  Achieving Stakeholder Intimacy in the Age of Diminishing Privacy (2/7-10/11)
    What happens when association stakeholders stop responding to surveys?
            Live Session: February 10th 3:00 PM Eastern

    Week 2:  Energizing New Value Creation through Innovation Networks (2/14-17/11)
    How can associations activate stakeholder networks to create the future?
            Live Session: February 17th 3:00 PM Eastern

    Week 3:  Designing 21st Century Business Models for Associating (2/21-24/11)
    How can associations thrive in ways that are both purposeful and profitable?
            Live Session: February 24th 3:00 PM Eastern

Jeff talks about why the Power Learning Series isn't a typical webinar.
The Power Learning Series Design

The Power Learning Series design leverages "flip thinking," an approach that literally flips the usual order of learning activities. Instead of three weeks of passively watching slides and listening to the speaker, you will be engaged actively in driving your own learning and challenged to apply new thinking to your association's work. Here are the key elements of the Power Learning Series design:

  • At the beginning of each Series week (see above), Jeff De Cagna will post an audio/slides presentation package with the core content for the week's topic. All Series participants should view this presentation each week.
  • After viewing the presentation, you will be asked to download and complete a learning activity based on the core content. Your learning activity may involve making a qualitative assessment of your association's current work or answering a set of reflection questions on the week's content. You should plan to work on each learning activity with your colleagues who will participate in the live sessions. Within 24 hours of posting the audio/slides presentations, you will be sent a reminder to view the presentation and complete that week's learning activity.
  • On the Thursday of each Series week, Jeff will facilitate a 90-minute live phone/Web session. He will provide a 10-minute "key points" overview of the core content, followed by a 50-minute discussion of the learning activity, your answers and your questions. It will be a rich opportunity to learn directly from both Jeff and your Series colleagues. Each live session will conclude with a 20-minute feedback and "next steps" advice segment, during which Jeff will offer further reflections, ideas and insights.
The Power Learning Series design flips the typical webinar experience by putting the focus on your learning needs, not on the speaker. Sure, it involves more work than just showing up for a webinar, but it's also a serious investment in you and your organization.

Certified Association Executive (CAE) program eligibility

As an educational program related to the CAE examination content outline, full participation in the live program is eligible for 4 CAE credits towards the CAE exam or renewal applications. No more than 20 hours can be applied to any one domain for the exam application. (Note: This program is not endorsed, accredited, or affiliated with the CAE program, and no program is required to meet eligibility requirements. For more information on CAE, visit
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Achieving Stakeholder Intimacy in the Age of Diminishing PrivacyWebinar
Energizing New Value Creation through Innovation NetworksWebinar
Designing 21st Century Business Models for AssociatingWebinar